Our Services

We share our customers’ goals, so the need to adapt to achieve them along with the kinds of goods we carry and the markets we operate in mean we are constantly upgrading our services with an absolutely innovative approach.

Silmar has an extensive network of agents around the world which can meet the ever-changing requirements of vibrant international trade. We are fully committed to a single principle of analysis and performance, and ever since we started out we have been guided by the following standards of responsibility in everything we do:

  • Grasping the importance of logistics and transport in international trade.

  • Appreciating that each shipment is unique and that we need to accommodate the requirements of our customers by using business tools which are tailor-made for them. 

  • Classifying and choosing the right physical distribution channels for the product.

  • Drawing up a transport plan and implementing it.



We offer export and import services in all Spain’s ports. We combine synergies with various shipping agents around the world to deliver cross-booking services. It makes no difference where the cargo comes from or where it is going to. We coordinate these shipments from anywhere in the world with the advantage of local support from an outstanding team specialising in these kinds of operations.

We can also provide the following services:

  • Full and consolidated reefer containers for the food industry. 
  • We arrange transport of vehicles and machinery complete with lashing and cargo certificates.
  • Maritime legal advice for large projects.
  • BC&A: Business Consulting and Market Analysis. 

Air freight

We work with the leading airlines to deliver extensive international coverage in goods transport. Air freight is obviously the quickest option, and the high frequency of flights, the security they offer and the large number of connections coupled with a team of professionals with extensive experience in the industry means we are strategically competitive for customers who need this type of service. We coordinate various types of goods such as perishables and bulky shipments.

We provide onsite assistance at Valencia airport.

Intermodal transport

  • International transport (TIR)
  • Container transport
  • Domestic rail freight
  • International rail freight *

this enables us to deliver exclusive and personalised door-to-door care with optimum transport times, even over long distances, and throughout the entire country.


We provide storage and distribution services for all types of palletised, bulky and fragile goods. Seamless information flows, protection and proper signage for the consignee enable faster and more secure delivery.

We know precisely where each item is in our warehouse which makes for streamlined order picking.

  • LCL and goods pickup service for consolidation.
  • We inspect the material on arrival.
  • We have security enclosures featuring the most advanced monitoring and surveillance systems.
  • We cut your logistics costs by tailoring them to each operation with customised care.
  • We shape our infrastructure to suit your goods.
  • Customised packaging.
  • Website in real time.


As an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), we deliver consultancy services and process customs formalities for exports and imports in any country around the world.

Customs procedures are an essential part of supply chain security.

Our services:

  • Import and export customs clearance.

  • Managing EUR-1 and ATR certificates.

  • Managing ATA carnets.

  • Managing certificates of origin with the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Managing legalisation of signatures.

  • Managing phytosanitary, SOIVRE (Spanish Official Export Inspection, Monitoring and Regulation Service) and veterinary certificates.

  • Customs inspections and obtaining samples.

  • Onsite assistance in goods inspections.

  • Intrastat declarations.

  • Consultancy and advice for any customs clearance issues.

Insurance - All-Inclusive advisory services

Risk analysis
Not all insurable goods are exposed to the same risks. After careful and detailed analysis, our company will identify the specific hazards and risks for your cargo based on its features. We additionally provide you with the best solution so that you can be confident in dealing with any incidents on pickup from your warehouse, during transport and until delivery to the end destination if need be. We also make sure there is sufficient coverage and sums insured in the insurance contracts by matching them with actual needs.

Coverage analysis
We review and examine any gaps in coverage or insufficient cover and sums insured in insurance contracts to make sure they meet your needs.

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